Grounds & Landscape Services

Gold Coast

gold-coast-parksPrime provides grounds maintenance services in the Gold Coast City Council area which encompasses parks, footpaths, median strips and road reserves.  In total, we slash and mow approximately 2.2 million square metres of grassed areas per week. 

Sunshine Coast – Twin Waters

Prime provides landscaping and gardening maintenance to the prestigious Twin Waters gated estate located on the Sunshine Coast which includes 600 x homes, parks, gardens and play areas.

Somerset Regional Council

Prime undertakes mowing and garden maintenance to all cemeteries, vacant allotments, sports fields and community centres in the Somerset Regional Council.

Brisbane City Council

roadtek-townsvillePrime provides grounds maintenance services to Brisbane City Council’s assets including libraries, bus interchanges, depots and community halls.

Roadtek - Townsville

Prime recently won the tender to provide vegetation control services for the Roadtek, North Queensland area. Prime will be providing a variety of services including slashing of roadsides, the removal of trees, stump grinding, root removal, mulching, tub grinding, chain sawing, manual positioning of habitat logs, mulch removal and disposal of excess or surplus materials.

Government Property NSW

(Formerly State Property Authority)

government-property-nswPrime attends to the grounds maintenance of approximately 60 sites across NSW for Government Property NSW.  Some of these sites include heritage listed buildings, such as Strickland House and Lands Department Government Office in Bourke.

Pittwater Council

pittwater-council-2Prime carries out the verge mowing of 60 sites across Pittwater Council ensuring a neat and tidy environment for all residents.